Your handy guide to navigating the world of subscriptions
How many times have you forgotten to cancel a subscription and been charged for it? Shouldn't there be a better way to make sure you only pay for what you use?

We are developing a new app that will allow you to easily and efficiently manage all your subscriptions in one place.
Get the most out of your paid subscriptions
All your subscriptions in one place
Keep all your subscriptions and payments in one place, so that you can easily keep track of costs, billing dates, and other details. No more unexpected charges or renewals!
How much do you spend on subscriptions?
Quickly view all your subscription renewal dates in a calendar
Manage your budget by keeping track of your monthly spending
Easily scroll through your subscriptions feed, just like on social media!
Get subscription renewal notifications
Set up push notifications for each of your subscriptions, so that you can easily cancel any subscriptions you no longer need - right from the SubsCrab app!
Quickly create a list of your subscriptions
No need to try to remember everything you are subscribed to! Use SubsCrab to automatically generate a list of all your paid subscriptions by scanning your email inbox.
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Discover what apps & services your friends use
Find out which friends are subscribed to the same services as you and what other services they recommend. Perhaps your friend is already using that one service you've been eyeing for a while?
Follow interesting companies & apps
Create a professional account and let your colleagues know what work-related products and tools you use. Learn about other services professionals in your field are subscribed to.
Share subscriptions with your colleagues
Create work or family groups to collectively manage subscriptions and split the cost evenly amongst all group members.
It's free!
Our project is under active development. Enter your email address and you will get access to the app much earlier than the public release.
It's absolutely free!
Start using for free
SubsCrab is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.
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